HUCOP Students are honored at luncheon

On September 9th, the Harding University College of Pharmacy held a luncheon in Cone Chapel to honor pharmacy students who have received awards, honors, and scholarships during this academic school year. Faculty, donors, and selected students were invited for a meal and to witness the Joey Baker scholarship given by Joey Baker and the Faculty Endowed Scholarship given by last year’s recipient at the end of the meal.

Dean Jeff Mercer described this luncheon as being a special time to recognize students who excel academically and professionally.

“It is always a joyous occasion for faculty, staff and donors to mingle in recognition of high student achievement,” said Mercer.

This year’s recipient of the Joey Baker Scholarship was Sara Goodson. The Joey Baker Scholarship is awarded to a student who is from Taylor, Arkansas, attended Southern Arkansas University, attends pharmacy school, and maintains good academic standing. When Goodson received the call that she received the scholarship, she described feeling like she got a breath of fresh air and being extremely motivated.


“It reminded me that others have faith in me and my ability to succeed in this program,” said Goodson.

Goodson’s experience at Harding has been deeply impacted by the relationships she has formed with other students and faculty. The faculty at Harding was one of the biggest reasons she made the decision to attend the university. She loved that the faculty wanted to know her on a personal level and go above and beyond to help her succeed.

“In a program such as this, it is very important to have a support system for those days when you feel like you have hit your breaking point and I have such a strong support system here at Harding,” Goodson said.

The Faculty Endowed Scholarship was given at the end of the luncheon and it is unknown until that time who received this year’s award. The scholarship is given to a student that the faculty voted on which makes the scholarship not only an award, but as well as an honor. This year’s recipient was Natividad Sandoval III. He shared that the joy he felt after receiving this scholarship was second to none and felt so honored to have even been considered for the award, much less receive it.

Sandoval said, “I am extremely grateful to the faculty here at HUCOP and I hope that I can continue to be a student worthy of receiving this scholarship and represent HUCOP to the best of my ability.”


The most beneficial thing to Sandoval since being at Harding is the sense of family, community, and love he feels from fellow classmates, staff, and faculty. To him, this is the difference between the Harding University College of Pharmacy and other colleges of pharmacy and that is why he is forever indebted and grateful for his time at Harding.

“My HUCOP family has been there to celebrate with me when times are good and lift me up when times are bad,” said Sandoval.


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