This Week at HUCOP

Another Monday rolls around and HUCOP is ready to get moving.

Today’s bible verse of the day comes from Matthew 7:7,

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

The focus for this week’s health awareness recognition is National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week. The purpose of observing this week is for teens to promote local events that use National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) science to shatter the myths behind drugs.

This week, there will be Facebook posts and tweets made everyday with an awareness fact about the national health week. On Wednesday, another blog article will be posted with more information about the myths and truths behind drugs and alcohol.

Along with recognizing the national health week, HUCOP is going to continue to encourage healthy habits and lifestyle choices. Different health-related articles will be posted each day ranging from healthy meal recipes, fun exercise, mental focus strategies to motivational quotes, articles on different medicines or different stretching routines. We want to hear from our students, staff, faculty and alumni and see your healthy meals and habits. Take a photo and tag Harding University College of Pharmacy using the hashtag #healthyatHUCOP.

We will continue to keep up with the Zika virus and any news related to it. We will also stay on top of the influenza virus and continue encouraging the vaccination and stay up to date with any news related to it.

For the next few weeks, HUCOP will be posting information on Dr. Landry Kamdem’s research on breast cancer and the need for participants in his research. We will highlight what he is doing and include an interest form for anyone willing to participate in the research. What Dr. Kamdem is doing is so important and beneficial and we want to help and support him as much as possible by spreading the word about his research and study. We need help spreading the word, so please share posts related to his research including the participant interest form.

This semester, we are going to begin spotlighting students, faculty and staff by writing articles about them, telling parts of their story and how they fit in at Harding University. Tomorrow, a spotlight on Assistant Professor, Mallory Turner, will be posted. She began working for HUCOP in December and we are delighted to have her and welcome her.

This week we are wishing a Happy Birthday to:

  • Josh Simpson
  • Megan Tabor
  • Colin Carroll

We are wishing you all the best and we are so thankful for you and your time here at HUCOP.

January is coming to a close, and we are eager to say hello to February and whatever weather it brings, whether that be more 55 degree weather, or some snow. Enjoy the beautiful day today and have a great week!


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