This week at HUCOP

We’re wrapping up the month of January and excitedly heading into February.

February is a big month in the health world because it is American Heart Month. Several different awareness days occur this month along with events to raise awareness on heart disease. HUCOP will share several articles and facts on heart health this week and throughout the rest of the month.

We want to wish a big Happy Birthday week to:

  • Kent Nguyen
  • Allisyn Stroupe
  • Phu Pham
  • Edward Mutero

This week we celebrate you and your life!

Tomorrow on the blog we will spotlight Dr. Landry Kamdem and his work with breast cancer research and his study on patients using different medications. We hope you can help us in sharing posts related to his study to get more people aware and involved.

On Wednesday we will post a blog article on heart health information. We encourage you to share this article to spread the information to as many people as possible and encourage others to take action on smart choices to keep their hearts healthy.

On Thursday, an article regarding Dr. Jeanie Smith’s and Jessica Gall’s visit to KATV’s Good Morning Arkansas will be posted on the blog along with their clip. We are so proud of them and what they are doing in the Harding, Searcy and Arkansas communities.

We are trying to raise awareness about Dr. Kamdem’s breast cancer study. We will be making a post every day about his study and about the pinned survey for anyone interested in participating. Please share these posts so as many people as possible are able to see them.

Everyday this week we will post a health-related article encouraging healthy choices in every area of life. We want to see your involvement by posting pictures using the hashtag #healthyatHUCOP.

Any interesting articles about the flu or Zika will also be highlighted throughout the week.

Along with being busy, we will also post some sort of motivation each day to remind you that we are all here for a purpose and to glorify God! Have a fantastic rest of your Monday and an even better week!


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