Faculty Spotlight: Associate Professor, Dr. Landry Kamdem

On January 26, I had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Kamdem to hear more about his breast cancer research and study. Here are some questions I asked him:

  1. When did you have the idea for the breast cancer survey and how did it come about?
    1. Last year through prayer, Jesus told me he wants me to take care of his patients, so that is what I’m doing.
  2. What were some of the first steps you had to take to begin?
    1. Working with a number of different teams, Arkansas Cancer Coalition, UAMS and students here at HUCOP we looked for content, a method of delivery, and will eventually assess the results.
    2. I began working with women and asking them how they’re feeling with their medications, if they are able to exercise, basically anything that goes on in their daily lives that will give more information to this research. This information also comes from the survey.
  3. Do you have any expectations for this survey?
    1. I have no expectations. As long as the work is very well done, I have no end result expectations; however, I am looking forward to what the results will be.
  4. How can I or the College of pharmacy help you?
    1. We need advertisement. We need 100 patients and right now we have 32. The patients don’t have to be from the area, I am talking with a woman from Germany today. If we can get 100 patients, that will be enough for this survey.

HUCOP is eager to work with Dr. Kamdem and see the results of his research and survey. We are proud of the work he and his team are doing. Below is the link to the google form for anyone interested in participating in his study. Please share this article so we can get as many people involved and aware of his work.





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