This Week at HUCOP

We’re having another busy week on campus and at the College of Pharmacy. Temperatures are high, and we are all wondering if winter will ever come around. God is good and we are thankful.

HUCOP is continuing to recognize American Heart Month and share healthy facts on heart health. This week, we will recognize National Children’s Dental Health Month. It’s so important to educate our young ones on dental health. Expect facts on dental health in children every day this week and some tips on how to make it fun for kiddos.

Tomorrow we will spotlight Assistant Professor, MaRanda Herring. I sat down with Dr. Herring last week, and we had a very pleasant conversation about some exciting things she has been working on. We are eager to share that tomorrow.

On Wednesday, an article with more information about dental health in children will be posted. Children miss a lot of school for oral health problems, and we need to help them learn how to take care of themselves in every way.

As a team at HUCOP, let’s continue to help Dr. Kamdem reach people with his study and survey. You can help by sharing posts related to his study and the pinned survey on Facebook and Twitter. We need to reach 100 participants.

We are always looking for stories to write about. If you have a story you would love to share, contact me at

We hope you have a great week and we are eager to share information with you. Happy Monday!


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