Faculty Spotlight: Assistant Professor, MaRanda Herring

On Feb. 1, I sat down with Assistant Professor, MaRanda Herring.

In May of 2016, she, and P4 student Alex Pinkerton, co-founded the White County Medical Reserve Corps. This is an organization separate from Harding University and is a part of the national Medical Reserve Corps (MRC.) This group has received training and credentials to respond to local, state and national emergencies and disasters. After leaving Harding, the members are able to be a part of any Medical Reserve Corps group across the country.

Dr. Herring became interested in this in the spring of 2014 when the Mayflower tornadoes hit. Students wanted to help the community but weren’t allowed to because they didn’t have the proper credentials. Dr. Herring and other students collected water, blankets and other resources to donate but had no way of directly helping the people.

The group consists of thirty Harding students and faculty. This gives them an opportunity to serve locally, across the state and even nationally if it is necessary. They have goals to primarily serve the community in the next few years through Zika education, emergency preparedness, and osteoporosis education. They are currently housed under the White County Health Department.

Some long-term goals Dr. Herring has for the next few years is to possibly offer an elective course to train students to be a part of the group. It would be an emergency/disaster preparedness class consisting of hands-on and video training. Another goal is to open the course up to other health science departments and possibly undergraduate students.

Dr. Herring and the rest of the group want to increase awareness and generate an interest in the group. What an opportunity to serve our community.



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