Who knew there were so many different careers in pharmacy? This morning, the campers learned all about the different fields of pharmacy for them to pursue in the future. Dr. Skaggs and Dr. Griffin explained the importance of detailed instructions when counseling patients on how to take their medications by instructing the students to write specific steps for constructing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The campers learned that writing simple instructions is harder than it seems to someone who has never done a specific task or taken a certain medication before. The campers also learned the process to get into pharmacy school and the things to consider while finishing high school and starting college

Campers were able to practice reading and interpret examples of written prescriptions. They practiced writing out the instructions and labeling a pill bottle. They were humored by their own interpretations of the directions, otherwise known as sig codes, that doctors and pharmacists use to communicate. Congrats to Clair Farley and Alex Webb on the most accurate answers!

Lastly, everyone played a couple learning games. First, campers played an OTC knowledge poll game via an app known as Kahoot. Congrats to Gabie Nguyen! Secondly, they played a version of “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” with the knowledge that they learned earlier in the careers of pharmacy lecture. Congrats to Team 2!




Pharmacy Camp: Day 1

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