Lollipop, lip balm and hand foam; oh my! Today was compounding lab at pharmacy camp! The campers worked in groups of three, and learned how to make these products from scratch. They were able to get a taste of what it is like to be a pharmacy student and a compounding pharmacist. Fully garbed in gowns, gloves and goggles, the campers measured, weighed, heated, stirred, colored and flavored each product customizing it to their own taste.

Many of the campers have been asking, “What exactly do hospital pharmacists do…?” Today we finally had the chance to give them some hands on experience with sterile compounding, which is a large part of the job of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in a hospital. Sterile compounding is the process of making IV bags, which are then distributed throughout the hospital. The campers learned how to reconstitute a medication in a vial and then inject it into an IV bag. Unlike a hospital, we then gave them the opportunity to inject food coloring into their IV bag. After experimenting with various colors, the campers now get to bring their colorful bags home with them. Don’t worry though, these contain no medication and are just a way for them to take a little bit of pharmacy camp home with them!


Pharmacy Camp: Day 3

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