These are three separate entries from our pharmacy students working so hard with these campers.

LexiComp Online is an excellent resource for pharmacist to look up drug questions that may arise in a pharmacy. Dr. Melissa Shipp along with P4 students Tasha Schalk and Jeff Horchenroeder taught the students how to navigate this website by playing a drug information scavenger hunt game in the computer lab. These campers are learning more each day about the what the career of pharmacy entails.


And the race is on between atherosclerosis and heart failure. This afternoon at pharmacy camp, HUCOP fourth-year pharmacy student, Brady Clark, taught the campers about some medications that can be used to treat hypertension, atherosclerosis and heart failure. Each camper had the opportunity to learn and practice taking each other’s blood pressure. They realized it takes practice to feel comfortable assessing blood pressure. We wrapped up the session with a friendly competition between atherosclerosis and heart failure. The student representing atherosclerosis climbed through obstacles to deliver their red blood cells to the finish line while the heart failure rep could only walk back and forth carrying one red blood cell at a time. The final winner is Maddie Graves representing atherosclerosis.


These campers have been working diligently all week on their Health and Wellness projects and today they finally had the opportunity to show off what they learned. Pharmacy students Shelby Adams and Carly Edwards orchestrated this activity as part of their 4th year experience for the month of June. Each day they assisted the campers while time was spent fine-tuning their presentations and posters for this project. The campers spent hours on the computers in the library researching disease states and their corresponding medications. The illnesses that were researched were COPD, hypothyroidism, lice infestation, shingles and influenza. All of the staff members at Harding University College of Pharmacy were extremely impressed with the enthusiasm, creativity and knowledge that was demonstrated in each of the presentations. They were judged by a panel which included 4th year pharmacy students Jamie Currier, Marla Moseley, Tasha Schalk, Jeff Herchenroeder and pharmacy professors Dr. James Tarrant and Dr. Gabriella Douglass. We will be announcing the highest scoring group tonight at the Pharmacy Camp Recognition Dinner, which takes place Thursday night at 6:00 pm.





Pharmacy Camp: Day 4

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