Student Spotlight: P1, Kassandra Fetz

After a week of orientation and a lot of anticipation for their first year as pharmacy students, P1’s began pharmacy school today. I asked a first year pharmacy student, Kassandra Fetz, some questions on what she was anticipating over the next four years.

Tell me about orientation and how you were feeling this summer about this new chapter of life.

“Orientation week was a very long, fun week. It really helped getting to know other classmates before classes actually began. We were given a lot of information over the course of the week; which is good because that is what orientation should be used for. I’ve been really excited all summer, and even all of undergrad, to be honest, for the start of pharmacy school. It’s always exciting and a little bit nerve-racking to start something new.”

What are you expecting?

“I am expecting to learn more than I could ever imagine myself learning in the next four years. All the while growing closer with my classmates and professors. I already think we have a really great class who meshes well together. Its going to be a really fun next four years.”

What are you most worried about?

“I am most worried about not learning the things that I need to learn because of an error on my part, that then causes problems for a patient down the road. I would like to be the most prepared that I can be, so that in the future, my patients receive the best care possible.”
What are you most excited about?
“Finally, I think I am most excited about getting started in my field of interest. Undergrad was wonderful, and I loved every minute of it, but it will be nice to finally get down to business. Pharmacy school is going to be one great adventure.”
We are so excited to have you, Kassandra, and good luck!

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