College of Pharmacy awards scholarships

On September 6, 2017, Harding University College of Pharmacy awarded scholarships totaling $154,259 to 38 students within the College. Scholarships provide access and opportunity for student pharmacists to achieve their goals. The scholarship luncheon provided an opportunity to thank donors for their generous support and to remind students that their work ethic and scholastic achievements are valued by the college. Dr. Katie Skaggs, HUCOP Class of 2015, addressed the scholarship recipients and donors.

The Dean’s Scholarship was awarded to the academic top 10% of each class. Recipients of the Dean’s Scholarship were: Shelby Adams, Colin Carroll, Jessica Carter, Brady Clark, Schrell Crockett, Allison Garcia-Martinez, Sara Goodson, Kelsey Martin, Kadyn Pace, Kofi Sefah, Christy Skinner, Taher Yusufali, Russ Ward, Rob Welch, Charlie Wright, and Hannah Wright.

Academic scholarships were awarded to P1 students: Kaitlin Ballek, Madison Everett, Kassandra Fetz, James Jackson, Karlee Kopp, Zach McGriff, Drake Palazzi, Megan Spence, Sarah Steely, Natalie Stirrup, and Jordan Stubblefield.

Other organizations and individuals offering scholarships and their recipients included:

Agatha Culpepper Wallace Memorial Scholarship – Charlie Wright

Arkansas Pharmacy Foundation Scholarship – Schrell Crockett

Joey Baker/Emerson, Arkansas Scholarship – Kelsea Eubanks

NABP-AACP District 6 Scholarship — Mary Ann McAllen

Richie’s Specialty Pharmacy Scholarship– Jonathan Clark, Alan Jacobs

Walgreens Diversity Scholarship – Paola Quijano

Walgreens Diversity and Inclusion Excellence Award – Terry Lloyd

Faculty-Staff Scholarship – Joshua Park

Chancellor’s Scholarship – Brooke Boston, Kyla Feather


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