Student Spotlight: Rachel Hulitt, P1

“I believe in my heart, I always wanted to be a pharmacist, but I didn’t realize it,” Rachel Hulitt, P1 said.

rhulitt@harding.eduHulitt said as a child growing up in Jackson, Miss., she was always very inquisitive about the different types of pills that the adults in her family were taking. She was interested in the shapes, colors and uses for different types of pills.

“I was always asking, ‘Why do you need that? Why are you taking that? What is this for? I even remember my mom taking iron pills and she would always let me see the pills and vitamins she and my dad were taking,” Hulitt said.

As she got older, she received her undergraduate degree in Public Health at Jackson State University. Upon graduation, Hulitt said she realized she wanted to do something more than just sit behind a desk.

“I wanted to do something that would serve the community, so I decided I wanted to be a pharmacist,” she said.

Hulitt had a friend who went to Harding and recommended the College of Pharmacy to her, so Hulitt applied.

“I’m really happy that I found a Christian university. This is my first time to be a part of a private Christian University; every other school of higher learning I’ve been to has been public,” Hulitt said. “I love that we can pray here, and that professors and students openly pray. It makes it more comfortable and brings in a nice spirit. like you’re safe here.”

We are so glad to have you, Rachel, and we will be praying for you during your time here at HUCOP!




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