HUCOP Dean’s List: Fall 2017

Congratulations to all 56 of our pharmacy students who maintained at least a 3.8 GPA this fall!

P4 – Class of 2018

Magy Abdelmalik, Shelby Adams, Bailey Adler, Rumi Akpala, Hannah Alfred, Laura Anderson, Nicole Barnes, Adam Bellcock, Colin Carroll, Brady Clark, Jessica Covington, Schrell Crockett, Jamie Currier, Chelsea Davis, Melissa Dinh, Carly Edwards, Heidi Falconer, Jessica Gall, Bryana Gregory, Josh Hayden, Jeff Herchenroeder, Carey Hopper, Lauren Jimerson, Trent Johnson, Trent Martin, Journey McCarty, Marla Moseley, Imi Mvere, Chike Ononogbu, Colby Petty, Anthony Ratsamy, Phu Pham, Stacie Ruff, Nati Sandoval, Tasha Schalk, Cristina Sellers, Alyssa Stormes, Noah Tacker

P3 – Class of 2019

Barrett Carter, Taryn Eubank, Sara Goodson, Kadyn Pace, Paola Quijano, Christy Skinner, Meghan Thompson, Rob Welch, Charlie Wright

P2 – Class of 2020

Jessica Carter, Allison Garcia-Martinez, Kelsey Martin

P1 – Class of 2021

Katie Ballek, Brooke Boston, Madison Everett, Sarah Steely


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