Student Spotlight: P1, Kassandra Fetz

After a week of orientation and a lot of anticipation for their first year as pharmacy students, P1's began pharmacy school today. I asked a first year pharmacy student, Kassandra Fetz, some questions on what she was anticipating over the next four years. Tell me about orientation and how you were feeling this summer about … Continue reading Student Spotlight: P1, Kassandra Fetz


HUCOP Spotlight: P4 Student, Carly Edwards

Where are you from? Where did you do undergrad? I am from Jackson, Mississippi I did my undergrad at Harding University also When did you decide to be a pharmacist and why? I decided to become a pharmacist the week before I came to summer stampede to register for freshman classes. I knew that I … Continue reading HUCOP Spotlight: P4 Student, Carly Edwards